We proudly source humanely-raised pork, poultry, and beef, and sustainably-harvested, chemical-free seafood. We work with local purveyors as much as possible and are always looking to expand our partnerships in the Richmond area.

Featured Farms & Suppliers

Bow Tide Farms

Buf Creamery

Caromont Farm

Schulyer Greens Co.

Seven Hills Beef

More of our partners include

Packaging and Composting

Our goal at The Big Kitchen is to manage our waste sustainably and rely as little as possible on petroleum based products.

To that end we:

  • Compost all organic material at The Big Kitchen in Scott’s Addition and Short Pump through an industrial composting facility and hope to begin composting at Short Pump soon
  • Recycle all cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum at The Big Kitchen in Scott’s Addition and Short Pump
  • Use compostable materials for the majority of our packaging
  • Offer a take back program for customers to compost used packaging – just return your used packaging (no need to clean) in a paper bag to The Big Kitchen or leave it to be picked up with your next order

Details about our packaging:

  • The fiber trays are plant based, compostable, and oven and microwave safe.  The lids are PET and recyclable.
  • Our clear deli and salad containers and lids are made from PLA – a plant based plastic.  These are compostable and recyclable.  We encourage customers to recycle these at home.
  • Our paper containers and lids are PLA lined and compostable.
  • On occasion we use aluminum trays for high temperature reheating.  While made from mostly recycled aluminum, these unfortunately are not recyclable in the Richmond area.